Announcements & PHOTOS!

27 July 2017

25 July 2017

Rockin’ the new Tourney Shirt!!!

22 July 2017

  • The tournament will start on July 28.  Please meet at the lobby of the Victoria Angkor Hotel at 0800 that day.
  • If you haven’t yet ORDER YOUR T-SHIRT ASAP
  • FT139 Ride of the 200th : Off board entry are done at Level 0, as per normal rules / Perry Sez.  (Contrary to an earlier ruling that says off board entry are from the same level as the joining hex.)


5 June 2017

File Jun 05, 22 14 28

25 May 2017

I’ve changed a scenario in the 4th round. BFP65 “Frogs in the Pocket” has been replaced by FT139 “Ride of the 200th”.  – Alan Smee, TD

3 May 2017

This is a tough year. My clients and I had our share of struggles, personally and/or professionally, just like the rest of us. There are indeed moments when I thought: I gotta take care of this, I can’t be spending this much time with ASL. To all of my brothers, with our challenges big and small, I understand.

We understand.

We understand we are not “spending this much time with ASL”. We are “spending this much time” with fellow travellers in this journey of life. We might not always see each other at every tourney, we certainly hope to see each other in the next.

What we have are brothers across our ASL tables.

What we have is a more fortunate group of attendees, a more fanatical group, though smaller in numbers.

Smaller in numbers but yet LARGER than life.

The tourney goes on. ANGKORFEST 2017 goes on.

Raphaël & Alan will work out an amended budget and a more fitting venue. I will work out more appropriate arrangements with our sponsors.

We are, however, looking for help from the worldwide ASL community – for a quest that even brotherhood don’t suffice.

We need an AWESOME tshirt design (and a trophy design). Please contact us.


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